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House keeping...
November 21ST, 2008

Doing a little housekeeping of my photo folder at home, and I came across a couple photos to post. First off, how much do you really know about yourself until you grow a moustache? You have to at some point, just to see how it looks. Such fun. The moustache was quickly removed.

Not Bad Eh?

Secondly, here's a photo of our Travers Posters hanging in our living room. My two favorites are StormBird, 2005 from when Birdstone won the Travers in a deluge of rain. It was also our first Travers. And Street Friends, the 2008 print of Street Sense and Grasshopper racing to the finish. The prints are by Greg Montgomery, and I love them. Looking forward to this years print.

Travers Prints

Bad Photography... it happens. This summer one of the remaining B-17s still in existence was in Rochester for over flight tours. I decided to camp out at the airport in the hopes of getting a shot. The flights were about a half hour in length and appeared to be spaced out every 45min to an hour. I camped out at the longest runway and waited, for about 45 minutes. I watched many a passenger plane take off. Then I heard the drone of a large plane, hopped out of the car only to see the B-17 in the distance. It had taken off on a different runway. I quickly snapped a few photos in desperation, and called it a day. When I got home I found this fine photo.

Nice Shot!?!?!

Not only did I miss the plane, but I got a nice shot of power lines, a dumpster and the camera strap. Amazingly, zooming in reveals this photo. I am simply amazed that the individual propellers are visible with the speed they travel and the distance of the shot.

Poor B-17

Storm Photography
November 21ST, 2008

Whenever there is a good thunderstorm, I like to try and practice my lightning photography. Had several chances this summer. Its tough, timing is critical. I also need to play with the camera setting because I think I need to get a focus on infinity. Despite the tripod, these photos still come out blurry. In this particular storm, there was so much lightning, any strikes would get drowned out in following flashes. Oh, well. Here's a few interesting ones. The clouds in the last photo are like soft sheets!



Silky Smooth

'Best Of' Cat Gallery Up
November 9TH, 2008

Tracy has been asking me to get a gallery of the best of our kitties up so she can look at them as a break from work, or whenever. Its a great idea, and I finally got around to doing it. Here's the best of cat gallery.

Tigger asleep
Photographed: 02-04-2006
Camera: Canon SD700 IS
Monkey washing
Photographed: 03-25-2006
Camera: Canon SD700 IS
Monkey in the sun again
Photographed: 03-29-2006
Camera: Canon SD700 IS

November 8TH, 2008

I was going through my cat photos recently and stumbled across this weird coincidence. Roll over the image of our cat Tigger below to see a very similar image of a mural that I took on Park Avenue 2 years ago. Eeerily similar... no?


Wind Farm
November 8TH, 2008

While heading out towards East Aurora, NY I happened to drive by what will become a new Wind Farm south of Darien Lake NY. It spans Rte 20A just west of where it meets up with Rte 77 South. There are around 20 of them right now, with more being installed. The farm is not functional yet, and it appears to be built on land that is used for agriculture. The wind turbines are pretty big, and it was neat to see them. My odometer rolled over to 180,000 miles right where I took the first few photographs. View the rest of the gallery of turbine images in my Photo Gallery Page.

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Portugesemano'war Races Again
November 1ST, 2008

After a few more trips to Finger Lakes to watch PortugeseManO'War race, we have the third and fourth Portugesemano'war galleries. He finished 3rd on October 18th in a race that saw the Stewards uphold a rather large bump by the second place finisher. On the race Saturday November 1st, he finished 2nd after the 2nd place horse was disqualified for bumping. However the incident didn't seem quite as bad as the previous race. Go figure. Anyway, enjoy the racing galleries.

Photographed: 10-18-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 10-18-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 10-18-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Photographed: 11-01-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 11-01-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 11-01-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Saratoga Gallery
October 1ST, 2008

Finally got around to posting some more of my horse photos from this summer in Saratoga. Here are photos from the King's Bihop, Bernard Baruch, and a claiming race where the winner was Slambino at 88-1! View the gallery here. See if your favorite horse is pictured!

Thorn Song
Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Busy Summer
September 13TH, 2008

Its been a really busy summer, and its tough to get everything in order with all the trips and photos I've taken. And there are even more trips coming up for the fall! But I felt, it was time for an update, even if it is just a little one. Here's some photos I like that I took this summer:

Waterfalls In Near the PA DE Border

Waterfall in the Woodlawn Trustees area on the Pennsylvania Delaware Border


Butterfly Close Up

Infrared Horses

Infrared Horses, Again on the Woodlawn Trustees Area in PA


Mantis and Thistle - So happy to see one, I haven't seen a Mantis in Years!

Travers Coverage
August 24TH, 2008

Well, we went out to the Travers this year and had a great time. I am pretty devastated that Harlem Rocker didn't win, but I have to tell myself that 4th place against those top horses is actually really good. I am working on going through all my photos from the weekend (All 270 of them). For now, here is a start of the Travers Gallery.

Harlem Rocker
Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Harlem Rocker
Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Mambo In Seattle
Photographed: 08-23-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Saratoga Trip 2008
August 24TH, 2008

We had a great trip out to Saratoga, I am trying to go through my pictures. For now, here is one of my favorite photos of Ginger Punch racing down the stretch against Lemon Drop Mom. Ginger Punch would go on to win by a nose in a photo finish. It was basically a dead heat. Ginger Punch is a five year old filly out of Awsome Again and owned by Adena Springs Racing Stables. She went on to win the $400,000 Personal Ensign Handicap on August 22nd, 2008. She also won the 2008 Go For Wand Handicap on July 26th 2008. View photos of Ginger Punch in my photo gallery.

Ginger Punch
Photographed: 08-22-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Ginger Punch
Photographed: 08-22-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Ginger Punch
Photographed: 08-22-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Ginger Punch over Lemon Drop Mom By  A Nose!

Ginger Punch races Lemon Drop Mom down the stretch!

Its On! Travers 2008!
August 21ST, 2008

The Travers Stakes is set to go, and we'll be there. There are 12 horses running, the largest field since 1990. Its looking like a great race. Entries are:

1. Tale of Ekati (KY), 126, Edgar S. Prado, 20/1
2. Colonel John (KY), 126, Garrett K. Gomez, 8/1
3. Da' Tara (KY), 126, Alan Garcia, 8/1
4. Tizbig (KY), 126, Cornelio H. Velasquez, 30/1
5. Macho Again (FL), 126, Julien R. Leparoux, 6/1
6. Cool Coal Man (KY), 126, John R. Velazquez, 15/1
7. Amped (KY), 126, Jorge F. Chavez, 30/1
8. Harlem Rocker (ON), 126, Eibar Coa, 4/1
9. Mambo in Seattle (KY), 126, Robby Albarado, 5/1
10. Tres Borrachos (KY), 126, Tyler Baze, 15/1
11. Pyro (KY), 126, Shaun Bridgmohan, 7/1
12. Court Vision (KY), 126, Kent J. Desormeaux, 12/1

For the record, my Friday morning picks are: Harlem Rocker to Win, followed by Pyro, with Macho Again, Mambo in Seattle, and Tale of Ekati rounding out the trifecta. Read race details here at

Portugesemano'war Races Again
August 16TH, 2008

We headed out to the Finger Lakes to watch our friend Andy's horse race again this Saturday. He actually ended up going off as one of the favorites, but couldn't produce the big bucks. Portugesemano'war was stalking the leaders, but when he made his move on the front stretch, didn't quite have enough to catch up to the leaders. He was beaten out by a nose for 5th. View the race photos in the second Portugesemano'war gallery.

Warm Up
Photographed: 08-16-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Photographed: 08-16-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS
Trying to Catch Up
Photographed: 08-16-2008
Camera: Canon SD850IS

Travers News
August 16TH, 2008

Eibar Coa Signed Adena HatThe 2008 Travers field is taking shape, and it looks like there will be a field of around 11 or 12 horses this year. Its a welcome sight, as I have gotten a little tired of the smaller fields with one horse expected to win. I think this is a really great, deep field. pretty much any horse in the field can win this race. An update from ESPN had this to say of the expected field:

"...Entries will be made and post positions assigned for the Travers on Wednesday. As of Friday, the prospective 11-horse field, with riders, looks like Acai (Cornelio Velasquez), Cool Coal Man (Velazquez), Colonel John (Garrett Gomez), Da' Tara (Alan Garcia), Harlem Rocker (Eibar Coa), Macho Again (Julien Leparoux), Mambo in Seattle (Robby Albarado), Pyro (Shaun Bridgmohan), Tale of Ekati (Edgar Prado), Tres Borrachos (Tyler Baze), and You and I Forever (Kent Desormeaux)..."

Other possible entries include: Amped, Court Vision, Tiz Now Tiz Then, and the filly Music Note.

Rochester Twilight Criterium Photos
August 10TH, 2008

We went downtown to view the bike races today in the Rochester Twilight Criterium. It was actually pretty exciting, and then when the rain came it got even more exciting as the riders tried to race without crashing. It was a very neat event, and other than getting screwed by the city of rochester civic center parking garage to the tune of $6.25 for 2 hours of parking, I plan on returning for next years event. Enjoy the Rochester Twilight Criterium Photo Gallery.

Bike Racing
Photographed: 08-09-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
Bike Racing
Photographed: 08-09-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
Bike Racing
Photographed: 08-09-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS

Rochester Criterium
Bike Racing in Downtown Rochester - Photo Gallery

Mount Morris Photos
August 10TH, 2008

This is a photo history of the trip I took up Mount Morris in Tupper Lake New York. My trip was meant as an enjoyable hike to see the views, fire tower, and benchmark disks on top. Having little information about the mountain, and just my GPS and Topographic Map with me, I set off to climb to the summit. Enjoy my Mount Morris Photo Gallery.

View to Tupper Lake
Photographed: 07-29-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
The Fire Tower
Photographed: 07-29-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
Photographed: 07-29-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS

Saratoga Opening Weekend Photos
August 9TH, 2008

Finally got around to photoshoping some of my 2008 Saratoga Opening Weekend Photos. I visited the track on Saturday July 26th for the Diana, The Alfred G. Vanderbilt, The Whitney, and The Go For Wand. It was a fun weekend, and I'd like to go again. Horse lovers, maybe your favorite horse is in my gallery. Enjoy Saratoga Photo Gallery.

Notional Rising Moon Solar Flare
Notional, Jockey Edgar Prado
Photographed: 07-26-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
Rising Moon, Jockey Cornelio Velasquez
Photographed: 07-26-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS
Solar Flare, Jockey G Saez
Photographed: 07-26-2008
Camera: Canon S700IS

Travers News
August 7TH, 2008

While Harlem Rocker still hasn't OFFICIALLY declared he will race the Travers, all signs are starting to point that way. Who will his competition be? Well, Harlem Rocker's Half Brother, Macho Again, won the Jim Dandy on August 2nd, and is expected to race the Travers. So hopefully we'll at least see the two half Brothers Face Off in a battle of the gray 3 year olds. Others expected to race include Da'Tara, Pyro, Anak Nakal, and Colonel John. While the field lacks a big name like Big Brown (overrated), I think the field is actually one of the most diverse and strongest in years. Hopefully Harlem Rocker isn't too favored, as I'd like to make some money when he wins $$$$.

Here is an article from the Saratoga Times Union discussing the 2008 Travers.

"...Hayward said the Travers will still have a good field despite the lack of star power. He pointed to last year's race, when an unknown horse named Grasshopper battled Street Sense deep into the stretch before giving way...."

"...Trainer Dallas Stewart will saddle Jim Dandy winner Macho Again in the Travers. He said he wouldn't have minded running against the Big Brown he saw in the Haskell..."

"...His probable competition will include Jim Dandy runner-up Pyro, the Nick Zito-trained duo of Anak Nakal and Belmont Stakes winner Da' Tara, trainer Todd Pletcher's Harlem Rocker, and Santa Anita Derby winner Colonel John..."


Grasshopper, Finished 2nd in the 2007 Travers, and 4th in the 2008 Whitney

Panoramic Photo Gallery Updated
August 7TH, 2008

I've been taking quite a few trips this summer, and finally got around to updating some of the panoramic photos I've taken. There's 5 of them new to the gallery. This Photograph is about a 270 degree view from the shores of Lake Millinocket. Taken from the Camp of the Mayor of the Mountain, Hubert "Frenchy" Voisine. The Mountain in the distance at Left is Baxter Peak, or Katahdin. I hiked it over the course of 8 hours 2 days previously.

Millinocket Lake, Maine

Go To the Panoramic Gallery

Things Of Interest!
July 23RD, 2008

Had a few interesting pictures to share with you today. First off, we purchased a few orchids for our house as anniversary presents. Our 5 year anniversary was July 18th, so we bought orchids. Four our 4 year anniversary we bought a share in the Adena Racing Venture 2, which has fostered our great love of Harlem Rocker. Here's a few photos of the orchids, very poor photos actually. I promise to post some better ones once we get some sunlight.

Orchid 1

Orchid 2

Things Of Interest 2...

We just had a huge rainstorm come through with flash flooding that blocked many streets in the city. We got over 1.3 inches of rain today in about an hour. When I got home from work I went outside to grill us some dinner, and 2 Blue Heron's landed on my next door neighbor's roof. They were huge. I happened to have my camera just inside the door, and snapped a few photos before they quickly flew away. They are quite big birds.

2 Heron's on the Roof

2 Great Blue Heron's on the Roof

Blue Herron

Blue Heron, Click to Enlarge

Things Of Interest 3...

After dinner I decided to turn the TV to ESPN to see what was on. It was a Mets game, but since we are in NY, the Mets game was blacked out because we need to watch it on a local sports station. Fortunately our DirectTV receiver will try and search for the program on other channels. I expected it to find the game on MSG, but instead I got this...

Fun with DirectTV

Hmmm, Channel 9323 TEST?

Harlem Rocker Headed for the Travers?
July 18TH, 2008

Adena SpringsGrumblings are afoot on the NTRA and picked up by ESPN today that Harlem Rocker could be headed for the Travers at Saratoga this August. The $1 Million Mid Summer Derby is one of the biggest races of the summer. Quotes from Pletcher:

"Harlem Rocker, who remained undefeated on dirt with his victory in the Prince of Wales Stakes last Sunday, could make his next start in the $1 million Travers Stakes at Saratoga, trainer Todd Pletcher said Thursday. "I would say it's a possibility; I haven't had a chance to speak with the Stronachs yet, but the spacing is good," Pletcher said..."

Do dreams come true? Being a pessimist, I would usually say no. But I've been dreaming of seeing Harlem Rocker in the Travers since he won his Maiden Race. We've got our tickets already, and man, the Travers is one hell of a fun party each summer as it is. I can't imagine how awesome it would be if we had a horse running in it... and he won. Keeping all my fingers crossed...


Pletcher eyes Travers for Harlem Rocker - From NTRA

Pletcher eyes Travers for Harlem Rocker - And some more Pletcher Horse Updates from ESPN

Racing Blog with Travers Rumors - Blog

Harlem Rocker Wins 2008 Prince of Wales Stakes
July 13TH, 2008

Today Tracy and I drove the short distance (1 hour) to Fort Erie Canada to witness the running of the Prince of Wales Stakes. Harlem Rocker, the horse we own a share of through Adena Racing Venture 2 and Horse Hats Racing Club was running in the $500,000 8th race. Morning Line Odds were 2-1 but he eventually went off as the 4-5 favorite. We made some bets and were highly confident of a win. Harlem Rocker did not disappoint, and won by a length over East End Tap. It was a great race, and a great day. View a bunch of the photos I took in our Harlem Rocker Prince of Wales Stakes Photo Gallery.

Harlem Rocker Harlem Rocker Harlem Rocker
Harlem Rocker - 2008
Photographed: 07-13-08
Camera: Canon S700IS
Reaching for the Finish!
Photographed: 07-13-08
Camera: Canon S700IS
Dusty and a Winner!
Photographed: 07-13-08
Camera: Canon S700IS


Harlem Rocker 2008

2008 Prince of Wales Stakes Winner

Visit the Gallery for More Images!

Katahdin Hike Gallery
July 10TH, 2008

View a collection of my photos from my hike up Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. The peak is 5,267 FT High. Photo Gallery.

View Back over Knife Edge
Photographed: 07-02-08
Camera: Canon S700IS
Katahdin Summit from South Peak
Photographed: 07-02-08
Camera: Canon S700IS
Snow and Alternate Appalacian Trail
Photographed: 07-02-08
Camera: Canon S700IS

Harlem Rocker to Race in Prince of Wales Stakes
July 9TH, 2008

Harlem Rocker is set to run Sunday, July 13th in the Prince of Wales Stakes at Fort Erie Racetrack. Located just over the Peace Bridge near Buffalo NY, this track hosts the second leg of the Canadian Triple Crown. The race is 1 3/16 mile on a dirt oval. The total purse is $500,000. 8 Horses will partake in this years running.

Harlem Rocker drew post 4, and has morning line odds of 2-1. The favorite, Queens Plate Winner Not Bourbon drew post 7 and odds of 7-5. I think harlem Rocker has had some good workouts lately, and will do well. Looks like Eibar Coa is back up top. I am planning on making the trip to the track, as I only live about a 1.5 hours away.

Infrared Gallery 2
June 22ND, 2008

View a collection of my infrared photos in my second infrared gallery.

Pfrengle Property, Chili
Photographed: 05-24-2008
Camera: Canon A400
Corbett's Glen, South Entrance
Photographed: 06-15-2008
Camera: Canon A400
High Falls Entertainment Area
Photographed: 06-21-2008
Camera: Canon A400

Urban Spelunking
June 21ST, 2008

Some may say that I did a very foolish thing, but I also did a very neat thing and took a trip to explore Rochester's old subway tunnels this weekend. There is a lot of history, graffiti, and neat things to see down there. I didn't come across any bums or druggies, but I did see a guy on a bike in the distance, he had no flashlight though, so he did not pursue me in the tunnels. Pictures and a description of my trip are in my photo gallery and portfolio page.

Subway Entrance near South Ave
Photographed: 06-21-2008
Camera: Canon A400
Looking West under Broad Street
Photographed: 06-21-2008
Camera: Canon A400
View of the old Aqueduct Under Broad St.
Photographed: 06-21-2008
Camera: Canon A400

There are also a few neat panoramics in the panoramic gallery.

Broad Street Aqueduct

View images of the Broad Street Aqueduct in the Panoramic Gallery

More Rally Photos
June 17TH, 2008

Got some more of my Rally Photos posted. View them in my STPR 2008 Rally Photo Gallery.

STPR Rally 2008 Wellsboro PA
Photographed: 06-06-08
Camera: Canon G6
Special Stage STPR 2008, Fairgrounds
Photographed: 06-06-08
Camera: Canon G6
Stage 1, STPR 2008 Wellsboro PA
Photographed: 06-07-08
Camera: Canon G6

Wii Would Like To Vote...
June 17TH, 2008

How are you doing at Wii Votes? Do you vote? Well, how tuned are you?

How Tuned Are You?

How Tuned Are You?

Another Winner in the Group
June 16TH, 2008

Fellow Hockey Player and friend Andy LaPietra has gotten into the horse ownership fun himself by purchasing 5% of a horse from Hibiscus Stables - Portugesemano'war. We joined him on a rainy Saturday to watch his debut race at the Fingerlakes. Portugesemano'war had raced before, but didn't seem to be performing at the higher level at Aqueduct. He was purchased by Hibiscus Stables and brought to the Fingerlakes to race. He did not disappoint as he battled head to head with Phone Charger right to the line to win! View some photos of the race here.


Portugesemano'war Battles Phone Charger

It was a neat race. Read all about it in an article from Hibiscus Stables. Tracy hit the win and the trifecta, while I got the exacta. Andy placed more significant bets and will also share some of the winnings. Link to Photo Gallery.

Past Performance 136KB PDF File

Race Results 13KB PDF File

Harlem Rocker Update - Pointed Saratoga Way...
June 15TH, 2008

For those of keeping track, Harlem Rocker had a poor polytrack outing in his Queen's Plate trial. I was wondering how often he worked the track, and If they had an idea he may not like the polytrack or not. With such low odds 1-5, I did not make a bet on him in the trial, and he disappointed, finishing 4th. The plan was to continue training and work towards the $1,000,000 Queen's Plate on June 22nd (Is that in Canadian or American $$$$?).

Things were looking up I felt when Harlem Rocker turned in a bullet workout Saturday.

  • Date: June 14, 2008
  • Track: Woodbine
  • Distance: Five Furlongs
  • Time: 58:20
  • Track Condition: Fast
  • Surface: All Weather Track
  • Rank: 1/70

I was eagerly looking forward to seeing him race next weekend, and had plans to make the trip up to Woodbine for a day of betting and racing. Then we got this update from Dave W:

"Although Harlem Rocker's workout yesterday at Woodine was fast, he still didn't like the track. He appeared uncomfortable on the surface and Adena feels that it will probably be in his best interest to skip the Queens Plate.

The plan now is for him to reunite with Pletcher at Belmont and start looking for a race at Saratoga."

Doh! Rats, I had hoped to see him this weekend. But even more disappointing, was that he had skipped the Preakness because it was felt his best route was the Queen's Plate. I think he could have given Big Brown (who I never liked anyway, and is obviously beatable) a run for his money.

BUT... I have said all along I'd love to see this horse race Saratoga, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. The Jim Dandy is held at the end of July and the past 3 winners (Street Sense, Bernardini, and Flower Alley) have all gone on to race and win the Travers. I love Saratoga, and I would love to see Harlem Rocker win there... and take out Big Brown in August!

STPR 2008 - Rally Race
June 12TH, 2008

Last weekend, my father and I went down to Wellsboro PA to attend the 2008 Susquehanock Trail Performance Rally (STPR 2008). We had a really good time and saw some really neat cars and drivers. I am attempting to get some of the better images photoshopped and up for everyone to see. I also have some videos posted on YouTube. Here is a sampling...



And Some Videos:

View some more pictures in the gallery section of the web page.

Harlem Rocker, Not So Hot...
June 2ND, 2008

Well, we all knew that Harlem Rocker was headed towards the Plate Trial on June 1st, but official confirmation never came until Forday afternoon. I was out of town this weekend, or else I would have made the trip up there, for what prmoised to be a easy race. I had hoped to make a heft y wager on this race, and make some nice scratch, but when I saw the past perfomrances the only horse in the same league as Harem Rocker was Not Bourbon. From what I saw, Harlem Rocker would go off at very poor (betting) odds. I was not surprised when morning line odds came out a 1/1 for Harlem Rocker. There was no money to be made here on what would obviously be a Harlem Rocker / Not Bourbon Exacta.

Queen's Plate Trial Past Performance - PDF File

After I saw the morning line odds, I decided not to bet. I figured he would go off around 1/5 for 1/3, and what is the point of wagering $100 to win maybe $25? When you could easily lose that $100, as anything can happen in horse racing. If Harlem Rocker had worked out on the Polytrack, I may have felt more confident in betting. How would he behave on the poly track? Well, the answer may have been poorly.

I never saw the race (link anyone?) but from Dave W. "Harlem Rocker ran 4th today in the Plate Trial at Woodbine. He seemed to struggle on the surface and this may be a case of a horse not liking polytrack. He looked to be "swimming" a bit around the final turn and failed to launch into his usual stretch run."

Queen's Plate Trial Results - PDF File

Race Audio File - 2.89MB MP3 MP3 File

More info from Dave W. about Harlem Rocker's Performance "I spoke with Adena today about Harlem Rocker and he seems to have come
out of the race OK. As of now, the plan is for HR to remain at Woodbine. They have not given up on the Queen's Plate as an immediate target and want HR to have a chance to train over the Woodbine surface before making a final decision about his ability to handle that kind of track.

Coa said this after the race: "He kind of made a move and realized it wasn't his game and he decided not to run. He never made me feel that he was handling it at the beginning of the race, I wasn't worried about it. But he never picked up the bit."

Coa told Adena that the distance was not the problem, and that HR was not really acting like himself prior to the race either. He did not load easily, and never really got into the bit at all during the race. I'm sure we will get some updates on his training over the next week or so and will let you know how he is doing."

Here are a few more articles on Harlem Rocker's Disappointing performance:

From Blood Horse: Harlem Rocker Empty in Plate Trial

From the Toronto Sun: Not So Hot...

Toronto Sun - Praise for Harlem Rocker (Before the Race)

Well, I don't know what to think now. It would be easy to say, well the horse didn;t like the poly, but how do we bet him at the Queen's Plate now? Which horse will show up? I plan on trying to make the trip our for the Queen's Plate this month. I can't wait to get some photos of this fine horse. I hope he can rebound.

The Streak Is Alive - 500 Homeruns Manny Ramirez!
June 2ND, 2008

Why did I miss the Queen's Plate Trial of Harlem Rocker? Well, because the wife and I journeyed down to Baltimore Maryland for the Orioles game vs. the Boston Red Sox, where we saw none other than Manny Ramirez hit his 500th homerun! What a great moment. It was so fast, and the Orioles wouldn;t show a replay, so I have to go to ESPN to watch it again. It was awesome. So many Red Sox fans. A great milestone, only 24 other players in MLB history have reached this point.

Manny 500

(Getty Images Photo / Greg Fiume)

So just 1 more to our list of great sporting events that we have attended, which include:

  • Philadelphia Flyers vs. Ottawa Senators - The most penalties in a single game occurred in a fight-filled match between the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers on March 5, 2004 when 419 penalty minutes were handed out.
  • Clay Buchholz No Hitter - September 1st 2007
  • Manny ramirez 500th Home Run - May 31st 2008
  • ??????


Photo of the Week
May 27TH, 2008

Had a good Memorial Day weekend. We visited some nice parks, did some geocaching, had a cook out, watched lots of car racing, and generally had a good time. I've got a lot of neat new Infrared photos to share, and some regular photos too. Here's one that I like, that I applied the lomography effect to.

Jaguar Lomo

Jaguar Lomo

I also addded a panoramic photo I took of the High Falls area in Rochester to the Panoramic Gallery Page.

ScaredyCat Minicity Still Growing Strong
May 16TH, 2008

Our Scaredycat minicity is still doing well at myminicity's page. The current population is 350 people. We have the ability to add population, industry, transportation, and security. Keep up the good work loyal citizens.

Use the following to increase stats:

Population Increase Population:

Industry Increase Industry:

Transportation Improve Transportation:

Security Improve Security:


ScaredyCat Mini City, Population: 352

Goodbye Ducks!

May 16TH, 2008
Crazy Duck

Goodbye ducks, we hardly knew ye. The family of ducks that was living by our front porch has hatched and left. As described on multiple internet sites, they seemed to hatch and be gone within a day. All that was left was a few egg shells. I think they made it safetly across the street to the retaining pond in our subdivision, and are living happily ever after.

Update: We heard from the neighbors that they saw them go across the street early in the morning, around 10 of them. They are happy at the end of the retaining pond across the street.

Kind Words for Harlem Rocker
May 13TH, 2008

ESPN has a pretty good article with some quotes about Harlem Rocker not running the Preakness. Expect big things from him in the future!

"Harlem Rocker's defection may have made Big Brown's task a little easier. Harlem Rocker was coming off a victory in the Withers Stakes at Aqueduct, and worked sharply on Sunday morning on Belmont Park's training track. But Frank Stronach, who bred and owns Harlem Rocker - and whose Magna Entertainment owns Pimlico - decided not to run after conferring by telephone from his native Austria with Harlem Rocker's trainer, Todd Pletcher. "He felt like it's early in this horse's career, [and] it's a long year," Pletcher said in his Belmont Park barn office Monday morning. "He wants to play it conservative for now."

and from Pletcher...

"So, rather than run in the Preakness, Harlem Rocker's goal is now the Queen's Plate at Woodbine on June 22, a race that is restricted to Canadian-breds. Pletcher wanted to go to the Preakness, in which Big Brown will be racing on just two weeks' rest for the first time in his career. "The horse is doing well," Pletcher said. "He had a very good breeze. You could make the case now might be the right time to catch Big Brown. But there are a lot of important races down the road."

and from Dutrow...

"Richard Dutrow Jr., who trains Big Brown, had said last week that the Preakness rival he would fear most was Harlem Rocker. When informed on Monday that Harlem Rocker was passing the race, Dutrow said, "I'm happy he's out. How could I not be happy about it?" "Plus," Dutrow added, laughing, "I don't like beating Stronach in big races."

Harlem Rocker Not Preakness Bound
May 12TH, 2008

We got an update from Dave W. about the plans for Harlem Rocker.

"Mr. Stronach has decided not to send Harlem Rocker to the Preakness. He will continue to train for the Queen's Plate and that will be his immediate goal."

So that's it, he will not be headed to the Preakness. Harlem Rocker worked 5 furlongs in 1:00:10 Sunday morning, and an article at NTRA had this to say: "If Harlem Rocker runs in the Preakness, he would most likely be the second betting choice behind Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown. If Harlem Rocker doesn’t run, Behindatthebar could become the second choice."

From Pletcher: "That was the best I’ve ever seen the gray horse work," Pletcher said of Harlem Rocker. "He’s not traditionally a real willing horse, he was very willing this morning."

The latest from on Harlem Rocker passing on the Preakness:

"Big Brown’s task just got a little – or a lot – easier with the decision of Harlem Rocker’s owner Frank Stronach to bypass Saturday’s Preakness Stakes (gr. I) and await the $1-million Queen’s Plate at Woodbine June 22."

“We really believe the horse has a bright future, and (Mr. Stronach) decided to take a step back right now,” Adena Springs Farm managaer Dan Hall said. “Our next main objective will be the Queen’s Plate. Todd (Pletcher) is very high on the horse and wanted to run him in the Preakness, but we almost always take the conservative approach, so we’re going to be patient and stick to our program.”

I think Giant Moon has a good shot at the Preakness. But with an admittedly weak Kentucky Derby field, and no horses from that field challenging Big Brown, how strong could the Preakness field really be? I don't believe horse racing needs a triple crown winner like indy car needed Danica Patrick. Do we really want someone with as many drug suspensions as Dutrow to be the poster boy of thoroughbred racing?

I am really hoping that Harlem Rocker makes it to Saratoga this summer, for the Jim Dandy, or my favorite, The Travers in August.

Withers Photos and Preakness News
May 8TH, 2008

First off, here is a neat article about the Preakness with a great quote from Dutrow about Harlem Rocker:

"...and Dutrow already is sizing up the prospective opposition for the 1 3/16-mile race. He said "Pletcher's white horse" - Harlem Rocker, the Withers Stakes winner trained by Todd Pletcher - is the only one that concerns him, but otherwise, a horse to upset Big Brown "is going to have to be a really good one." "

Full Article From ESPN Here: Dutrow has it all figured out

I love that quote!

Also, here's the official Withers Photos. Here is the contact information for ordering:

Adam Coglianese
NYRA / Official Track Photographer

Withers Win Photo 2008

harlem Rocker



Winners Circle

As a side note of fun, here's a little indirect shout-out from Jen' Thoroughbred's Blog:

"HARLEM ROCKER is 80% owned by Stronach Stables and 20% by Adena Racing Venture II, the 2nd of 3 syndicate packages of 6 horses offered by Adena Springs. According to Adena, there are no Canadian owners in the 20% but there sure a lot of fellow bloggers out there who have little pieces of the grey colt."

Her website offers an intersting look at what's going on in thoroughbred racing, and a wide variety of information on the Queensplate and other Canadian races.

Harlem Rocker to the Preakness?
May 6TH, 2008

Well the word is floating around... Preakness. Will Harlem Rocker go there or not? Word from Dave W is that the Stronach family is deciding soon, with consultation with Pletcher as to what to do. The latest update from Dave W:

"Harlem Rocker is scheduled to workout this Saturday. Depending on how he comes out of the work, Pletcher will determine if he should go on to the Preakness or head to the Plate Trial. At this point Mr. Stronach has decided to aim for the Preakness, but only after getting the "A-OK" from Pletcher.We should know which way we are headed late this weekend or early next week."

Harlem Rocker has gotten some mentions in articles about to who will face Big Brown in the Preakness. Here are a couple articles:

From ESPN: Rivals want no part of Big Brown in Preakness

From Blood Horse: Dutrow After Derby: 'The Horse is Good'

I remember a race in April, where everyone thought the favorite would win, and very few horses entered. It was the G3 Withers, and J Be K was so favored he "scared" everyone away, and there was a field of 4. Well, Harlem Rocker won that race. So here we are, Big Brown, a big favorite heading into the Preakness, will Harlem Rocker be there to unseat him?

Some Withers Stats on Harlem Rocker
May 6TH, 2008

Dave W sent us some stats on the best Beyer numbers for 3 year olds this year. Harlem Rocker is in some good company with the 106 number he put up at the Withers. From Dave W: "Harlem Rocker earned a 106 Beyer number for his win yesterday in the Withers. That ties us with Big Brown from a Beyer standpoint....Here is a list of the best Beyer numbers by 3 year old colts this year:"

Beyer Number
Motovato CRC 25 Apr 7F 111
Bob Black Jack SA 26 Jan 6F 109
Big Brown GP 05 Mar 1M 106
Big Brown GP 29 Mar 1 1/8 M 106
Harlem Rocker AQU 26 Apr 1M 106
Gattopardo LRL 01 Mar 7F 103
Gayego OP 12 Apr 1 1/8M 103
Georgie Boy SA 10 Feb 7F 103
Gayego SA 20 Jan 6 1/2F 102

Also A Picture of Harlem Rocker after he passed J Be K in the stretch (Courtesy of Equisport Photos):

Harlem Rocker - Withers

Watch Out For Ducklings!
May 6TH, 2008

Early on in April, Tracy and I started noticing a duck walking around in our yard. "I hope it doesn't build a nest" Tracy said, as that might be tough to deal with, depending on where it made a nest. Well, two weeks later I found that nest, right by our front door. I counted 12 eggs that day, and then 13 the next day when I showed Tracy.

Duck Eggs

Well, now its the begining of May. The internet says allow around a month until the ducklings hatch. I don't think the duck has been disturbed, so we have high hopes for a bunch of ducklings. Again, the internet says the babies should leave the nest with their mother pretty soon after birth. We hope we get to see them.

Duck Eggs

These photos were taken after I found the nest, and scared away the mother while taken down our Christmas lights.

Harlem Rocker Still Pointed Towards Canada?
April 27TH, 2008

This article from the Daily Racing Form mentions that Harlem Rocker may still be pointed towards the Queen's Plate and the Queen's Plate Trial at the start of the month of June. There's also a shout out to the Adena Racing Venture, that we are a small part of. From DRF:

Harlem Rocker remains perfect in Withers
OZONE PARK, N.Y. - Todd Pletcher's recent assault on North America's 3-year-old graded stakes continued Saturday at Aqueduct when Harlem Rocker blew past odds-on favorite J Be K inside the eighth pole to win the Grade 3, $150,000 Withers Stakes by 2 1/2 lengths.

J Be K, who set all the early fractions under Garrett Gomez, finished second by 7 3/4 lengths over Double or Nothing. Face the Cat was last.

The victory was the third from as many starts for Harlem Rocker, a Canadian-bred son of Macho Uno owned and bred by Frank Stronach. Harlem Rocker is part of the Adena Springs Racing Venture, a package of six Stronach-bred colts that Stronach owns with other partners.

For Pletcher, the Withers victory comes two weeks after Monba and Cowboy Cal ran one-two in the Grade 1 Blue Grass at Keeneland and one week after Behindatthebar won the Grade 2 Lexington Stakes, also at Keeneland.

While the Withers did produce 2006 Preakness winner Bernardini, Harlem Rocker is most likely going to target the $150,000 Plate Trial Stakes at Woodbine on June 1 and then the $1 million Queen's Plate on June 22.

Under Eibar Coa, Harlem Rocker settled into fourth position while J Be K set fractions of 23.91 seconds, 46.41, and 1:09.53 being chased by Double or Nothing.

Harlem Rocker moved into third after a half-mile, came four wide into the stretch, went past J Be K inside the eighth pole, and drew clear while lugging in somewhat late. Harlem Rocker ($6.60) covered the mile in 1:34.50.

"I was a little bit concerned that he was a little bit too close today, but he took me there himself so I kind of let him be,'' said Coa, who has ridden Harlem Rocker in all three starts. "At the five-sixteenths pole I thought if Garrett and J Be K are just good enough they're going to draw off and beat me, but I knew he was going to finish. At the end he started playing around just because he's still green, but he showed he can compete against these horses.''

Harlem Rocker Wins GIII Withers
April 26TH, 2008

I was able to watch the race on TVG, and the analysts liked J Be K. "Simon" made him his sole pick in his Pick 4 for the day. I hoped Harlem Rocker would prove him wrong. Harlem Rocker was clean out of the gate, J Be K to the front, followed by Double or Nothing, HRock and Face the Cat. They stayed this way down the back stretch with J Be K taking the lead and Harlem Rocker hanging Back in third with the Cat. On the corner to the front stretch, Harlem Rocker made his move, and Face the Cat started to fade. Harlem Rocker powered down the stretch, passing J Be K who could not rally, and both of them left Double or Nothing in the dust. Here's the results:

Withers 2008 Results - PDF File

Results Publications:

Thoroughbred Times - A Convincing Win

Blood Horse - A Comfortable Win - With Race Video

Read More in the Adena Ventures Page

Harlem Rocker Pointed to Queens Plate
April 6TH, 2008

Word has filtered through from Dave W that Harlem Rocker will be pointed towards the Queens Plate, Canadas version of the triple crown. It is run at Woodbine outside of Toronto on June 22nd. So you know where I'll be in June.

Powerful Storm ran an "uninspiring" race on Saturday April 5th and finished in 10th. He never really showed much interest in the race.

More details on the Horse Ventures Page.

Winning Horse Owners... Again!
March 31ST, 2008

Harlem Rocker did it again. Winning his second race, a $42,500 allowance race from Gulfstream Park, on Sunday March 30th.

Harlem Rocker Wins Again

Don't know yet when he will race next. Hopefully some class of stakes race. Hopefully a race he will win. A quick search of on Harlem Rocker shows he is nominated for the Queens Plate at Woodbine in Toronto June 22nd. It's Canada's version of the Triple Crown. Since we live in Rochester, a quick trip up to Toronto is definitely not out of the question.

More details on the Horse Ventures Page.

Race Audio Added
February 23RD, 2008

I added MP3 Audio for Harlem Rocker's win at Gulfstream on February 14th and Powerful Storm's come from behind second place finish at Turfway on February 16th.

Winning Horse Owners
February 17TH, 2008

Because of a VERY small share we purchased in a horse racing venture, we can now be considered winning horse owners! One of our horses, Harlem Rocker won its maiden race on Thursday.

It was a great race. Harlem Rocker had a terrible start and dropped into the trialing pack. Back by over 7 lengths at one point. On the turn he started making up ground, and by the final corner he went three wide and made for the lead. He seemed to race down the stretch with little effort and won by 1 3/4 lengths.

Read all the details here, on our Horse Racing Venture Page.

Harlem Rocker Wins!

Infrared Digicam Modifications Update - Kodak DC280
February 5TH, 2008

I added some pictures and instructions of how to modify a Kodak DC280 2.1 Megapixel camera to be an Infrared Camera. Instructions are available from the Digicam Mods Page. Or directly from here.

Infrared Digicam Modifications Update

January 29TH, 2008

I added some pictures of an Olympus Camedia D-390 that I did not modify to be an Infrared Camera because it was just too complex inside. Hopefully the pictures I have taken will be of use to someone who is curious what their camera looks inside. Pictures are available from the Digicam Mods Page. Or directly from here.

So Far, So Good
January 29TH, 2008

Things are going well at scaredycat minicity. We are able to add industry and improve transportation. Only one click per PC per day though. Population is up to 109!

Increase Population:

Increase Industry:

Improve Transportation:


Want Red Sox Tickets? Get In Line...

January 29TH, 2008

Or get in the "Virtual Waiting Room" more likely. Saturday January 26th was the day single game tickets went on sale for the Boston Red Sox home games. I had 3 PCs running with 22 windows split between them. Online from 9:45am to 5pm and never even got the chance to order tickets. Never made it out of the waiting room. You know the scalpers got them though...

RSox Lappies

Go See Cloverfield!
January 23RD, 2008

Cloverfield Poster
I went to see the monster movie Cloverfield last night, and it was fantastic. I am still thinking about it. Just a really great movie, and I highly recommend you see it in a theater, as some of its awesome-ness will no doubt be lost on a smaller screen. Everything about the movie was well done. A few nitpicks here and there, but nothing major. Its the best movie I've seen in a looong time. I love the quote I read from some dude on Youtube:

"okay, a lot of people said the movie sucked. You know why they thought the movie sucked? Because the ending made you think,the entire movie made you think. And people dont like that now a days, they wanna be told what happens, cause noone has an imagination anymore."

Wasting Time On The Internet
January 23RD, 2008

Ran across this fun site that will let you know how likely it is for you to have cannibal tendencies! Here's my percentage:


Phun With Photoshop
January 20TH, 2008

I've been having a little fun recently with Adobe Photoshop Tutorials that I've been finding online. There's a lot of neat effects that you can add to your photographs to make them look really unique. I first ran across some of these neat photoshop features after reading about Lomography on a photography blog. Seems that the trademark color saturation and blurriness can similarly be applied to any photograph using some common photoshop effects.

I also ran across some neat tutorials for making photographs look like the style from the 300 hundred movie, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which had a very unique blurry/sepia toning to it. I also have tried out an effect that makes pictures look like miniature models. I think it came out really good for some San Francisco pictures I took several years ago. I am going to try and add some photographs I have touched up to my portfolio.

Lomography Example Sepia Blur Effect Model Effect

Do It Yourself Infrared Camera
January 13TH, 2008

I have added instructions for how I modified a Samsung Digimax 200 camera to take Infrared Photographs.

There are step by step instructions with photographs, and some sample shots too.

Happy Time...
January 13TH, 2008

Everything's going pretty good at myminicity. Population is up, 43 people as of Jan 13th.

Visit my minicity and help it grow just by clicking this link:

ScaredyCatFilms MiniCity
ScaredyCat Mini City, Population: 43

Moving Right Along...
January 6TH, 2008

Everything's going pretty good at myminicity. Population is up, 20 people as of Jan 6th.

Visit my minicity and help it grow just by clicking this link:

ScaredyCatFilms MiniCity
ScaredyCat Mini City, Population: 20

Infrared Gallery
December 30TH, 2007

I just uploaded a gallery of images I captured with Home Made Digital Infrared Cameras.

Visit the Infrared Gallery.

Selection of Images:

Woods Walk Beaver Stadium Trail
Rocky Run Trail, Middletown Twnshp, PA
Photographed: 12-25-07
Camera: Canon A200
View of State College, PA
Photographed: 11-23-07
Camera: Canon A200
 Rocky Run Trail, Middletown Twnshp, PA
Photographed: 12-25-07
Camera: Canon A200

I thought it was an interesting time to get this gallery up, as Kodak has just announced it plans to discontinue production of its HIE-135 infrared film. I believe that photographers can get close to the same quality of images using digital cameras now, making the film obsolete. Read the whole article here.

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