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RIT Hockey
December 25TH, 2011

This fall/winter we went to several RIT Hockey games. Fortunately for us, RIT won the majority of them. At one of the games, against AIC (American International), I brought our camera to take a few hockey pictures. As I've mentioned before, I think hockey is a difficult sport to photograph, because you kind of need to anticipate the action otherwise you get photos of guys skating around looking at where the action is. I took photos at this particular game because I liked the AIC Yellow Jackets team logo. Here's a few shots, there are more in my flickr gallery.

RIT Goalie Shane Madolora
RIT Goalie Shane Madolora

AIC Yellow jackets Goalie'
AIC Goalie Ben Meisner

Cameron Burt, discusses the game with Referee Foote

RIT Goalie Shane Madolora directing the defense from the crease

RIT Hockey has a long layoff from home games until the end of January. They are playing in a tournament in Vermont this month.

Thoughts about guns
November 29TH, 2011

GunIf I told you, I thought the nation's gun laws might be too lenient, would you say I was probably one of those anti-gun nuts trying to ban all weapons? Maybe? But, I was thinking about guns and people earlier this year, when congresswoman Giffords and several others were shot by a gunman in Arizona. Now I know guns don't kill people, people kill people, but hear me out. The man who shot the congresswoman, injured 13 people, and killed 6 was using a Glock 19 9mm handgun, with an extended magazine. The magazine of a standard glock can hold 15 rounds, but the extended magazine Jared Loughner used could hold 33 rounds. So I asked myself, what possible reason could a gun owner have to need to hold 33 rounds of ammunition, instead of 15? I mean, could you get by with "just" the 15, instead of 30 or more? Too much trouble to reload at the firing range? I don't really know.

This article states that the extended magazine's were illegal, but the law expired and was not renewed. So I decided to ask a friend of mine, who is a hunter, and knows more about guns than I do, if he supported the legality of extended magazines, and what they were necessary for. It seemed to me that a responsible gun owner would have a valid reason for requiring extended magazines to be legal, and a valid use for them. When I asked my question, all I got was a frown, a bit of a furrowed brow, and a reply of "It's my right.". Well, yes, I agree, it is your right to bear arms, but what do you need a 30 round magazine for, it seems like only harm can come from that. Wouldn't you support a ban on extended magazines, or do they serve a valid purpose? The reply again, was a bit more frustrated, "It's my right, and you can't take that away from me.". It seems to me that most people aren't using a pistol to hunt animals with, and is 30 rounds needed rather than 15 to take out today's big game animals? I quickly realized I wasn't winning this argument, and abandoned it.

Why bring this up now, almost a year later? Well, driving down the road the other day I saw a street sign with what appeared to be bullet holes shot into it. Now this isn't the first sign that I have seen with shotgun or rifle rounds pumped into it. I'm sure you've seen a few yourself. So consider this... Was the individual that shot the street sign acting in a responsible manner? I would venture they were not. Is it responsible to destroy public property? Is it responsible to endanger motorists who may be driving by, or did the shooter consider what may occur if they missed or a bullet were to ricochet? I would submit to you that they were not responsible, and assuming the person that shot the street sign acquired the gun legally, this would mean to me that irresponsible people can legally obtain firearms.

So what do we need to do about this? I would say that either the laws regarding firearm sales either need to be toughened, or more training needs to be required. I'm not saying we need to go crazy here and ban guns and such, I'm just saying there is a problem when I go to parks, and drive down the road, and see signs pumped full of lead. It seems irresponsible. So if you are a gun owner, and have some thoughts on this subject, I'd love to hear them. I suppose its possible that shooting signs is in the safe gun handbook. I don't know, I haven't read it. And if that is the case, I would withdraw my claim, and submit to you that the handbook needs to be amended to recommend against shooting signs. But I doubt this is the case. So there you have it, I think its a simple question I pose to you, "Are our nation's gun laws preventing irresponsible people from obtaining and shooting firearms.". If you have ever seen a sign with bullet holes in it, I would say no, they are not.

Florida 2011
October 2ND, 2011

This fall Tracy and I traveled to Orlando Florida for vacation with Craig and Heather. We had a really good time. Monday we went to Discovery Cove, and all inclusive resort where we swam in a huge artificial reef complete with rays and a variety of fish, we visited the bird aviary and fed many friendly tropical birds, we floated around the lazy river, and swam with the dolphins in the cove. It was a lot of fun, and included admission to Sea World, which we visited on Thursday.

Tracy at the Aviary, Dolphin Cove
Tracy feeding the birds with Craig at the Discovery Cove Aviary

Dolphin Cove Aviary
Tracy feeding the birds at the Discovery Cove Aviary

Dolphin Cove Aviary
Tracy feeding a bunch of parrots at the Discovery Cove Aviary

Captain Jack
Tracy pets Captain Jack, the friendliest bird in the Discovery Cove Aviary

Craig's Bird Friend
Craig made friends with a whole bunch of these birds at the Discovery Cove Aviary

Ray at Dolphin Cove
Ray in the Discovery Cove Reef

Rays at Dolphin Cove
More Rays in the Discovery Cove Reef

Florida 2011
October 2ND, 2011

On Tuesday we visited Universal Studios Orlando, and went to Islands of Adventure to visit the amusement park rides. We did the new harry Potter coasters, Jurassic Park ride, Flume Ride, Spiderman, and Incredible Hulk Coaster. We also did the ET Ride, Simpson's, Jaws, The Mummy Returns, and Twister.

Wednesday we traveled to Crystal River Wildlife reservation to do a manatee tour with Fun2Dive. It was really great. We snorkeled around in the many coves of the reservation and saw many manatee. We also visited a few of the natural springs that feed the area. Tracy spotted a crab on the bottom. We saw many fish, and were visited by still more manatee. Heather brought her underwater camera, and we were able to get some really neat photos.

Manatee Trip
Ready to swim with the Manatees with Fun2Dive Tours on Crystal River

Manatee eating in Crystal River

Swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River

We saw this crab in with the fresh water springs

Friendly baby manatee in Crystal River

This little guy circled and circled around me for 5 minutes

He was very curious and friendly

Crystal River Manatee, Fun2Dive Tours

If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, and want to swim with the Manatees, we highly recommend Fun2Dive. They specialize in small group (1-6 people), all day excursions to view manatees in a non-threatening natural environment.

Travers Weekend 2011
August 30TH, 2011

Well, we had a great weekend at the Travers Stakes in Saratoga. We beat Hurricane Irene out of Albany, and even took some money from the track. I had a fantastic time, met some fantastic people, caught up with a few friends from days past, saw some awesome racing, and got some great photos. The first race we saw featured a jockey losing his whip, and using his goggles to whip the horse instead!

Goggle Whipping
Jose Lezcano, the jockey on the right is whipping his horse with his goggles.

Friday afternoon we were able to see Kentucky Derby contender To Honor And Serve in an claiming race of all places.

To Honor And Serve
To Honor and Serve wins the 8th race at Saratoga 08.26.2011

Mark made friends with one of the track photographers, Connie Bush, and we ran into her Friday afternoon. She was able to get Mark and I visitor's passes Saturday morning, which was great, a once in a lifetime experience. It also meant that my day started around 4am as I got up, had a shower and headed to the track to photograph morning workouts. We were able to spend some time at the Oklahoma training track, and the backstretch for breakfast. It also meant for a heck of a long day.

Morning Fog at the Oklahoma Track
Robby Albarado works out a horse on the Oklahoma Training Track Saturday Morning, 6:45am.

We got to see great racing all day. I found a horse shoe which must have brought Tracy some luck as she did quite well on the day. We saw the return of Uncle Mo, almost a year to the day that we saw him win his maiden race over this same track. Unfortunately he lost by a nose in a photo finish, but it was an awesome race, and he did so good after a long layoff. He lost his back right shoe, and I was able to capture that with my camera from my spot on the rail. He's an awesome horse.

The King's Bishop field at the top of the stretch.

Uncle Mo, dislodged shoe
Uncle Mo gallops by, dislodged shoe and all. I thought he had it won at this point.

Then to cap off the day, Mark and I ran into The Mig, retired Hall of Fame jockey Richard Migliore! He was a really nice guy and even posed for a few photographs. Mark maintains he bares a vague resemblance to myself, and I must say I think he is right!

Dave and the Mig
Dave with "The Mig", Hall of Fame Jockey Richard Migliore.

It was a great summer at Saratoga, and all in all I was able to take in three race weekends. The Jim Dandy, The Whitney, and The Travers. There won't be a summer like it for a while. View all my photos from this summer at Saratoga in my flickr gallery:

Saratoga 2011 - Set on Flickr

Radio Controlled Air Show
August 30TH, 2011

I'm going back in time here, trying to catch up with some posts for the exciting summer we've had. Saturday August 20th I went to the Radio Control Club of Rochester's R/C Air show in North Hampton Park. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a fantastic time, and saw a lot of really neat planes. The club has an airstrip at the park, that I haven't used because I found a field a lot closer to fly in. They have four flight stations, and they were pretty much going non-stop. I saw a variety of planes from World War 1 bi-planes to futuristic looking jets. The majority of the planes were battery powered, which I think is good for the hobby. There was one plane they called a 43% scale plane. It was huge! They all flew and did loops and tricks. Here are a few photos and videos.

Habu Turbofan Jet
Habu Turbofan Jet

Plane For Sale
Plane for Sale

Giant B-Plane
Large 43% Model Bi-Plane

Variety of Planes
Variety of planes, including WW1 Bi-Plane

Nose Art
Nose Art on a R/C Plane?

Acrobatic Display

I had a great time, and plan to go back next year.

Adirondacks Vacation
August 30TH, 2011

The last week in July and first week in August, while the stock market was tanking, I spent an enjoyable week in the Adirondack region of New York on vacation. I was able to do a lot of swimming, some hiking, star gazing, sailing, kayaking, trespassing, and pretty much everything you can think of that is fun. I got to spend time with my entire family, which is really special to me. Even my Aunt Paula came out from St. Louis, she took some great loon photos. Here's a sample of some of my photos, the full gallery is visible on my flickr page.

Loon in the Adirondacks
Loon in the Adirondacks

View towards tupper lake
View towards Tupper Lake from my hike up Mount Morris, Big Tupper Ski Area

View towards Whiteface
View from the summit of Mount Morris, looking towards Whiteface Mountain

Mount Arab Infrared
Mount Arab Infrared Image

This was a really fun vacation, and all the photos I took can be viewed on my flickr page.

Jim Dandy Day - Saratoga
August 30TH, 2011

In the midst of my week in the Adirondacks, I ducked down to Saratoga for a great day of racing on Jim Dandy Day. I saw a lot of great horses, had a great time with Mark and Melody, and even got to see Stay Thirsty win the Jim Dandy on his way to the Travers Stakes 4 weeks later. Here's a few photos on the day, more photos are available on my flickr gallery page.

Giant Surprise Maiden Win
Giant Surprise's maiden win for Repole Stables

Sebago Bay Cool Down
Sebago Bay with Corey Nakatani on top gets cooled down in the winners circle

Moonshine Mullin
Jim Dandy Contender Moonshine Mullin

Jim Dandy Winner Stay Thirsty
Jim Dandy and eventual Travers Stakes winner Stay Thirsty for Repole Stables

I already can't wait to get back to Saratoga. My full 2011 Saratoga gallery is available on my flickr page.

ESL Airshow 2011
August 30TH, 2011

We had a really busy July, and on Saturday the 16th we braved 90 degree heat to attend the Rochester ESL Airshow. The Blue Angels were in town and we were both really excited to see them and the rest of the planes. We got to see a lot of cool planes, talk to a lot of neat pilots, and walk through a lot of large transport planes. You can view the full gallery on my flickr page, and a sample of some of the photos here:

P51 A10 Warthog Flight
P-51 Mustang and A-10 Warthog Flight

Canadian Sky hawks Team
Canadian Sky Hawk Aerobatic Team

Navy C-130 Fat Albert
Navy C-130 Faaaaaat Albert

Soldiers Watch Blue Angels
Soldiers Watching the Blue Angels from Atop a Blackhawk Helicopter

Navy Blue Angels
Navy Blue Angels Team

This year's air show was really neat, and I hope to go back again next year. View all the photos I took on the day in my flickr gallery.

Limerock Park
August 30TH, 2011

After rekindling our interest in racing, this year Dad and I decided to head out to Limerock Park in Connecticut to take in the American Le Mans Series Racing. It didn't take us too long to figure out the way the camping worked. We even got some rain, even though I didn't bring any rain gear. The racing was great, and its a really neat track. We got to see a lot of different types of cars racing, and the access to the track and pit area can't be beat! Its practically wide open. We camped at the track for 3 days, and had a great time. Here's a few photos from the weekend (close to 1,000 photos taken). View the rest of them in my flickr gallery.

Dyson Racing LMP1
Dyson Racing LMP1 Car

CORE Autosport LMPC
CORE Autosport LMPC Car - Gunnar Jeannette

Rahal Racing BMW
Team RLL BMW - Dirk Werner, with race damage

Corvette Racing
Corvette Compuware GT Car - Beretta / Milner

Flying Lizard
Flying Lizard Motorsports - Bergmeister

Risi Ferrari
One of mine, and my dad's favorites - Risi Competizone Ferrari, Toni Vilander

jaguar RSR
Jaguar RSR - Bruno Junquera and Christiano Da Matta

The full gallery with many more photos is available on my flickr page.

Mobil 1 Seat Swap
June 16TH, 2011

My father and I went to Watkins Glen International Racetrack Tuesday to witness the Mobil 1 Seat Swap. The Seat Swap was an event where Lewis Hamilton, world champion Formula 1 driver, and Tony Stewart, a NASCAR driver each took turns driving each other's cars around the race track. Tuesday's forecast was for partly cloudy 65 degree skies with a 30% chance of rain. Instead we got 52 degrees overcast, drizzle, and a stiff breeze. Despite this, between 8,000 and 10,000 people showed up to the event. It was really fun, and fantastic to see a Formula 1 car in person.

Here's a couple photos from the event. Lewis Hamilton turned some fast laps in the stock car, and even treated the fans to a burnout and a donut on his last lap. That really gave the crowd something to cheer.

Lewis Hamilton Seat Swap
Lewis Hamilton in Tony Stewart's Chevy Impala, leaving behind some rubber.

Tony Stewart in Lewis Hamilton's McLaren F1 Car
Tony Stewart drive's Lewis Hamilton's McLaren F1 car.

Airport Fun
June 16TH, 2011

While in Washington DC, I happened upon this park, Gravelly Point Park, just outside Reagan International Airport. When the flight plan is just right, the planes fly right over the park on the approach to the airport. Here's one of the videos I took while I was there. I think I could watch planes land all afternoon. Really excited for the air shows this summer! You can see the Washington Monument in the lower right corner of the video.

Busy Weekend
May 30TH, 2011

Went to my parents house for dinner this memorial day weekend which also meant I got to do a little bird photography while I was there. I was very happy to see the pileated woodpecker show up and saw three orioles, although they all decided to show up when we were inside eating. Also caught a glimpse of a humming bird as well as several other birds.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker


Super Sunday?
May 30TH, 2011

This weekend I finally had time enough and good enough weather to break out my HobbyZone Super Cub LP model airplane. I bought this guy last fall along with a flight simulator to use to learn to fly over the winter. This was the first weekend I wasn't too busy and had good enough weather to try it out. I can tell you this is one durable little plane thank god!

HobbyZone Super Cub LP

After assembling, binding, reading the instructions (though not all of them apparently) and watching the instructional video a few times I took the plane out for a flight. First flight I let the thing go and it lurched hard to the right. I tried to correct by pulling up and trying to get it straightened out, but instead I lost lift and nosed it into the ground. I lost a few pieces off the tip of the wing at this point too.

I gave it another shot and got it into the air a bit longer, but was still suffering from severe control issues. Ultimately I crash landed again. At this point I realized that the tail was not in a neutral position which was causing the severe pull to the right. In retrospect, the chipped left wing was now also pulling it left, so things were in quite a crazy state at this point. I tried to straighten the tail using the fine tuning on the transmitter. Then gave it a third ill fated flight where I didn't throttle up enough for some reason and nosed it into the ground.

Flight four was a success as I got it airborne and flew it for 7 minutes. I even executed a loop. Kind of lost a little control a few times, but it was at this point I realized that the plane had a pull to the left. The same left wing that had a chip out of it. I'm going to find out from the hobby shop this week if the chip was enough to cause the pull to the left, or if I still had a tail alignment issue, or if I had the wing on off center. After flying for a while I tried to land and managed a controlled crash landing.

With not much damage I made flight five. Did a loop and some circles before the throttle seemed to sputter a bit. I knew I was probably close to being out of batteries so I decided to try and land the plane. It was headed my direction and I briefly thought I could just catch the plane out of the air. I thought better and dodged out of the way in time to perform my second "crash" landing.

All in all the plane still appears functional, and I did have a successful 7 minute flight, so I'd call it a success.

Spring Bonsai
May 19TH, 2011

Here's a photo of Tracy's Crab Apple Bonsai plant this spring. It had a full bounty of blossoms.

Crab Apple Bonsai
Crab Apple Bonsai

Mother's Day Birding
May 14TH, 2011

A trip to my parent's house on Mother's Day gave me a chance to take some shots of their birds. They've got a good number of feeders and usually attract a good variety of birds. Got some good shots of a white crowned sparrow and some gold finches on the feeder. I hope to get some woodpecker and oriole shots this summer.

White Crowned Sparrow
White Crowned Sparrow

Gold Finches
Female and Male Gold Finches

Boston 2011
May 5TH, 2011

We made a quick in and out trip to Boston this past weekend to catch 2 Red Sox games at Fenway. Last year we decided that rather than taking several trips to Boston for Red Sox games we should try and get a couple back to back games to maximize our baseball and save ourselves some driving back and forth. We got some good tickets to the Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels, and made the best of what turned out to be a surprisingly warm first weekend in may. First stop was the "new" Boston Garden where we visited the Boston Sports Museum. Lots of neat stuff in there, plus the employees were getting the rink ready for Wednesday night's Semi-Conference finals game against the Philadelphia Flyers so we saw them checking out all the displays, score board, and sound the goal horn. It was really cool, and really empty.

Boston Garden
Boston Garden on Causeway Street

Celtics Championships
Celtics and Bruins Champions

Ohh No! Tracy got one of the fabled "obstructed view" seats. Doh!

Monday night was the first game at Fenway Park since the anti-terrorist raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, and the Red Sox organization went all out to honor our country. We had a couple Celtics and Bruins joined by a war veteran throw out the first pitches. Had members of the military come out for a moment of silence before the game and national anthem. And, the Red Sox unfurled their huge American flag over the Green Monster, which is usually only reserved for opening/patriots day games. So that was really cool to see. Plus the Red Sox won the game! Hooray!

Fenway Flag
Fenway Park Celebrates American Men and Women who contribute to the defense of our country

NESN, our favorite network
Tracy is excited about our favorite New England Sports Network, NESN!

Tuesday we went to the Boston Museum of Art and saw a really great Chihuly glass exhibit as well as some of the ancient art from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. We enjoyed the Japanese Garden outside in the courtyard of the museum. Afterwards we went to the New England Aquarium for a while and visited the new Shark and Ray Touch Tank where we got to touch the many rays that swam by. We saw the penguins too. Afterwards it was on to fenway for our second game. The Red Sox won this game too, and we saw David Ortiz hit another home run (his third of the season was Monday, and fourth was Tuesday).

Bunker Hill Bridge
Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, the start of the Boston Greenway

Chihuly Glass Art
Chihuly Glass Art

Chihuly Glass Art
Chihuly Glass Art

Chihuly Galss Art
Chihuly Glass Art

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden at the Boston Museum of Art, click to go to Panoramics Page for a close up

All in all a really great, if not really quick trip.

New Toy
March 24TH, 2011

We got a new toy at the house this month. Well, I guess I should say Tracy got a new toy, because this one is hers. Tracy got her RC Car in the mail this month. A Traxxas Rustler. It can reach speeds close to 45mph. ITs quite the RC car, and to be honest, a bit intimidating to drive at first. Here's a few videos of Tracy off roading it in the backyard, and in the snow. Good times!

Backyard Traxxas

Blizzard Traxxas

Syracuse Basketball
February 19TH, 2011

On Wednesday February 9th I went to the Syracuse Orangemen basketball game against the Georgetown Hoyas. It was a really great game and I had a really fun time. There was always something going on, something to cheer about, or chant about, or harass the Hoyas. Left Rochester around 4:40pm and I got stuck in Syracuse traffic a 6:05pm. After going around 200 feet in 20 minutes I broke out of line and meandered through the city streets until I found parking. Caught a bus to the arena and just missed the start of the game. Traffic was insane. The game was great, except the Orange got in foul trouble in the second half, missed some critical shots, and lost. Got out of the stadium quick, hopped a bus back to the parking lot, and made it home by 11:20pm. All in all a good trip, but pretty short game, I spent a lot more time in the car than watching basketball, so I doubt I would do it again.

Syracuse Basketball from 304 Row B
View from the seats.

Finger lakes Snocross 2011
February 7TH, 2011

This past Saturday we attended the AMSOIL Snocross Eastern Nationals at the Finger Lakes Racetrack in Farmington, NY. Its snow mobile racing and jumping at its finest. A lot of guys from the X-Games from ESPN were there too. I had gone last year, and it was pretty fun, so I decided to go again this year with Craig and Tracy. Last year it was around 15 degrees with 25 mph winds and quite cold. This year, forecast was for 32 degrees and cloudy, but a storm came in the afternoon and dumped at least 2-4 inches on us. It was really neat, but made picture taking quite challenging. I still got some great shots. You can view a few here, and the rest in my flickr galleries: Finger Lakes Snocross 2011, and the Freestyle Show gallery.

Jason Boron Finger Lakes Snocross
Jason Boron - Finger Lakes Snocross

Logan Christian Finger Lakes Snocross
Logan Christian - Finger Lakes Snocross

Ross martin Finger lakes Snocross
Ross Martin - Finger Lakes Snocross

Tucker Hibbert Finger lakes Snocross
Tucker Hibbert - Finger Lakes Snocross

New Floors
January 20TH, 2011

Tracy and I have been doing our part to help the economy again with the installation of our new floors a few weeks ago. We went with the same company that did our dinning room floors last year. This time we got the entry way, bathroom, kitchen and sun room done. It was a full week job, and they did a great job. There is a 5" border, followed by a thin light colored strip, dark strip, and then light strip again. The main area is filled with 16" x 16" squares. The border follows the outside of the room, around the cabinets, and the island. Here's some photos, click for a larger view.

Sun Room Kitchen
Looking towards the sun room.

Looking into the kitchen.

Sun Room
Sun Room floor.

Hallway to front door.

Where Did The Rest Go?

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