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Tree Time!
November 24TH, 2012

There are 3 cotton wood trees next to our house, one belongs to the neighbor, and one is really large, and the third leans at a weird angle kind of over our house. So this year we decided to get a little work done on the trees. We decided to have the weird leaning tree removed all together. The tree guys came on Thursday November 8th to take down the one tree and trim the other. The did a really good job, and cleaned up nicely. Here's some photos.

Tree Work 1

Tree Work

Tree Work

Tree Work

Tree Work

Tree Work

This looks like it will pave the way for more tree plantings this spring.

Pentagon 9/11 and Air Force Memorials
November 20TH, 2012

So I've been trying off and on for a couple years now to make it to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial and the Air Force Memorial, which dominates the sky line in the same area. Spent an hour circling the Pentagon in my rental car once but never could find the place to park. Turns out, there wasn't a place to park, and you need to park on the opposite side of 395 at the Crystal City Mall area and walk under the highway to get to the memorial. This past weekend was a beautiful sunny fall day and I managed to make my way over to the 9/11 memorial and the Air Force Memorial. Both were well thought out. Here's a few photos from my trip.

Pentagon Memorial
View after entering the memorial

Pentagon Memorial
Looking back towards the entrance

Pentagon Memorial
Looking towards the Pentagon, the path of Flight 77

The Air Force Memorial is just a short distance away, by car. I showed up just in time to be alone for a bit, before a few cars showed up. The memorial area is surrounded by sycamore trees and the parking area is really nice. The memorial stands over 200 feet tall, too tall to get into one photo so close. It was nicely done. Right when I left 3 tour buses showed up! The memorial is on a hill overlooking all of DC, so its a neat place to see.

Air Force memorial
View towards the memorial, Washington Monument

Air Force Memorial
Right side of the monument

Air Force Memorial
Left side of the monument

Air Force Memorial
Looking up at the star burst

Washington Monument
View of the Washington Monument from the memorial

Washington DC Panoramic
Panoramic view from the Air Force Memorial

For more information about the Air Force Memorial, visit their official site.

RIT Hockey Opener
November 12TH, 2012

Each year the RIT Tigers have a home "opener" downtown at the Blue Cross Arena. Its not really their home opener, but it is one of the first couple games of the season in Rochester. The game is always pretty good, and lately we've been getting some pretty neat teams. This year was Penn State, next year is Michigan. RIT lost this game 3-2, but it was pretty exciting. Here's a few pictures, there's more in my flickr gallery.

RIT Goalie Josh Watson
RIT Goalie Josh Watson

Penn State Defense
Penn State Defensemen Luke Juha

Penn State Goalie PJ Musico
Penn State Goalie PJ Musico

Action Behind the Net
Action behind the net

As always, more photos from this year's team are in my RIT Hockey flickr gallery.

State College Visit
November 11TH, 2012

I went to visit my sister in State College this summer, and as I like to do, we took a trip to the Penn State Arboretum to look at the pumpkins and plants that were blooming. This time the place looked better than ever, with all kinds of flowers still blooming, pumpkins all over, and really nice weather too. had a great time. Didn't get my photos up on flickr yet, so here's a few from the trip.

Fancy Pumpkins
Some of the fancy funky pumpkins

Watrer Lilly
Water lillies still blooming

Meredith in the big yellow chair

The gardens at the Penn State Arboretum

Lots of color in late October still

Washington Nationals Doubleheader
November 11TH, 2012

While on a trip to Washington DC this fall, I was able to take in a Washington nationals game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was supposed to be 1 game, but after the game was cancelled the day before due to rain (that was long gone by game time), I managed to get to see both games the next day. The first game started at 4pm, and the next after the end of the first game. I made it through the whole first game, and 6 innings of the second game. The park is really beautiful, and very large. Since the attendance to the first game was light, I was able to sit in many different areas of the stadium. I wouldn't mind seeing a game there again some day. There are more photos that I took during the game in my flickr gallery.

Nationals Outfielder Bryce Harper
Nationals Outfielder Bryce Harper

Matt Kemp batting for the Dodgers
Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers

MIke Morse
Mike Morse batting for the Washington Nationals

Nationals Pitcher Ryan Zimmerman
Ryan Zimmerman pitching the first game for the Nationals

As always, view more photos from both games in my flickr gallery.

Adirondacks 2012
November 4TH, 2012

Sandwiched between my Saratoga trips was the familly vacation to the Adirondacks. I got a few hikes in, one an ill advised 3.5 miler in 85 degree heat with a banana and a beer for lunch, had a great time with my family, and had a relaxing time over all. The weather was just beautiful, and very warm. Swam in the lake every day. Just a great year at the lake. Posted a few photos on flickr, and of course here's a few on the blog.

Mount Arab Infrared
View from Mount Arab, in Infrared. I climb this mountain at least once every year.

A trio of Mergansers posed for us for several minutes. I like this photo because of the dark water.

End of Trail
My reward for a long hot hike up haystack... the good ole "End of Trail" sign. Doh!

Car Junkyard in IR
Where the cars go to die. Old Volkswagen in Infrared.

There are of course more photos online in my Adirondack flickr gallery. HA! I lied. I didn't post any yet...

Saratoga 2012
November 4TH, 2012

This was a banner year for Saratoga trips, as I made it out for 4 of the 7 racing weekends. I had a great time and was able to stay with my friends Mark and Melody in their camper at a nearby campground. Saved a fortune on hotel rooms. There was a lot of great racing, and although I didn't win money by the last day of the meet, I did place a lot of bets, and only ended up down $40. Not bad for 8 days racing.

All of my photos are up in my flickr gallery, but I'll post one photo from each week to keep you interested. Jim Dandy day started out nice, but then rain moved in, and by the 5th race it was pouring out. Hiked the camera back out to the car only to have it clear up a few races later for some really nice races later that day. We saw a lot of great horses this season, Fort Larned (eventual Breeders Cup Classic Winner), Alpha and Golden Ticket battling to finish in a dead heat in the $1 million dollar Travers Stakes. Mucho Macho Man and To Honor and Serve in the Woodward. A really great season that I will remember fondly for a long time.

The 7 horse, Pete's Parley would pass the 1 Crown the Chief for the win in this race

Dominus wins an Allowance on Whitney day, He would win the Bernard Baruch on Travers Weekend as well.

Alpha chases Golden Ticket
Alpha chases Golden Ticket (34-1) down the stretch at the Travers, the only dead heat in 143 runnings.

Mucho macho Man and THAS
Mucho Macho Man battles To Honor And Serve down the stretch at the Woodward.

All the photos from this years Saratoga meet are on my flickr page.

Geneseo Air Show 2012
November 4TH, 2012

Mark and I went to Geneseo this summer to see the air show again because we had so much fun 2 years ago. This year, despite almost no chance of rain, we were treated to a full day of overcast and rainy weather. Despite the 2+ hour rain delay, we got a pretty good show and met some of the re-enactors as well. It was a pretty fun time. There are a few more photos in my flickr gallery. This year I made a bigger effort to try and improve my photography by trying to get the propellers in motion, with not so good results. I ended up with most of my attempts over exposed, and blurry. Live to try again I guess. Here's a few photos from the day.

Canadian Harvards
An air show in Rochester is never complete without the Canadian Harvard's performing.

Jelly Belly
Probably the best show of the day, by the Jelly Belly team, seen here landing on a camper.

Paratrooper drop
Paratrooper drop

Stearman Trainer
Stearman Training Aircraft

Stearmans Circle the Field
The Stearmans circle the field

As always, more photos in my flickr gallery.

Stuart Horse Trials 2012
November 4TH, 2012

This summer I made the trip across town to Victor, NY to photograph the Stuart Horse Trials on a hot Saturday morning. The event schedule was actually moved up because of the heat expected that day. Despite my camera acting up, I got a lot of neat photos and saw a lot of beautiful horses. As always, here are a few photographs in the blog, and there are more in my flickr gallery.

Beautiful Colored Horse
This is one of my favorite colored horses this day. Entering the Water Hazard.

"Cow Horse"
This IS my favorite colored horse, I call him a cow horse.

Entering the Water Hazard
Into the water hazard.

Water Hazard
Across the water hazard.

Right At You
Coming right at you. Look at the concentration in the competitor and the horse's eyes.

Splash Zone
The splash zone!

There are, of course, additional photos of many of the competitors in my flickr gallery of the 2012 Stuart Horse Trials.

Washington DC
November 4TH, 2012

On one of my business trips to Washington, I took the time to visit The Mall and view the monuments and museums in the Capital. I hadn't been there since I was young. The mall was really long, but I walked up and down it. Saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol Building, White House and more. It was hot, but I had a good time walking around and taking photos. Unfortunately, The Mall was all torn up as they were doing drainage work this year (thanks to Federal Stimulus money). On a later trip I would visit the air and space museum as well. As always there are additional photos in my flickr gallery, and a few here as well.

US Capuitol
US Capitol Building

Capitol in Infrared
US Capitol Building in Infrared

Capitol Construction
Construction on the Mall in DC

Three Servicemen Monument
The Three Servicemen Statue near the Vietnam War Memorial

Washington Monument
The Washington Monument - Now Closed due to last years Earthquake

And because everything looks better in Infrared, you will be sure to find plenty of IR photos in my Washington DC gallery on flickr.

Sahlen at the Glen 2012
November 4TH, 2012

This summer dad and I made our semiannual trip to the races. This year it was to Watkins Glen for the Sahlen 6 Hour race on a sweltering hot July weekend. We had a great time, 3 days of racing and camping. Thanks go to Cal and Bonnie for letting us use their camper. It was much more fun than tent camping. There are loads of photos in my flickr gallery, but here are a few here to capture your interest.

Angelleli Taylor Suntrust
Angelleli / Taylor SunTrust Car

Into the wall
Caught this Porsche putting himself into the wall

Turner Motorsports
Turner Motorsports BMW

Mazda Racing
Mazda Racing backfire

As with most photos, you can view more for the racing weekend in my flickr gallery.

Fenway 2012
September 9TH, 2012

Our second quick trip to Boston saw us atop the Coca-Cola roof deck seats, except we were standing room only. It was a really great place to see a game, except of course for the rain delay again. Grumble. This time we saw the Sox lose to the Atlanta Braves. Red Sox loses tend to happen quite frequently to us.

Saturday we spent the day at the Arnold Arboretum, which was very cool. Lots of trees, including Redwoods. We walked around a great portion of the grounds. Then back to Fenway for a night game where we got to see the gigantic American flag unfurled to celebrate our veterans service. We've seen the huge flag twice now, and I don't think it is something they do all that often at Fenway. This time after a brief rain shower the game started on time, and it was a beautiful night, plus the Sox finally won!

Fenway Park
Picture of Tracy and me during the rain delay. This Red Sox jersey would disappear from the Hotel Indigo, Newton Riverside

Boston Skyline - 100 years
100 Years of Fenway, and the Boston Skyline

Arnold Arboretum
Redwood trees at the Arnold Arboretum

Arboretum Hills
View from the top of the hill in the middle of the Arnold Arboretum

Wall Hydrangea
This was a variety of Hanging Hydrangea, unfortunately it was pretty much done blooming. Still cool though.

Hanging Plants
The hanging plants garden at the Arnold Arboretum

There were some bonsai plants in here dating back to the 1700's!

Fenway Sunny!
Fenway park, just as the sun broke through for the start of the game.

Red Sox Win
Sox Win! A rarity when we visit Fenway, unfortunately.

Cape Cod 2012
September 9TH, 2012

This summer we made a couple trips out to Boston to catch some Red Sox games, and we visited Tracy's relatives Margaret and Franklin. The first night we went to Fenway where I surprised Tracy with Green Monster seats. The view from there is totally awesome, and I suspect we will be back again some time soon. We went to see the Washington Nationals play the Red Sox, and got lucky enough to see Stephen Strasburg pitch, which is a little unlucky I guess because the Sox ended up losing. Also a bummer was a rain storm before the game ruined batting practice, which I wanted to see from atop the Green Monster.

After the game we went to visit Margaret and Franklin and see their house on Cape Cod. It was a beautiful day, and we shared lunch, walked along the beach, and had a late snack and beers. The beach was really close to their house, and their property is really close to a State Park. While walking along the beach we saw an Osprey nest, and since the tide was coming in we saw a seal playing in the water near where the water was flowing into a marsh. It was a really fun day.

Green Monster Seats
Our Monster Seats. What a great place to watch a game!

Fenway Park
Fenway Park after the rain moved through.

Monster View
Straburg on the mound, from the Monster Seats.

Osprey Nest
Osprey nest near the beach

Beautiful Cape Cod Beach

Crabby Crab, there were a lot of these along the shore, and some bigger crabs in the water too.

Waving to the Seal
Margaret and Franklin waving to the Seal that was swimming about in the water. He's the black head in the water between them.

LPGA 2012
September 6TH, 2012

Summer wasn't complete without a trip to the LPGA practice round. This year the practice round was Tuesday, and I made a full day of it. Since the weather was much nicer than last year (no rain), I was able to see a ton of the major players go through. A thousand photos later, I had had enough.

Azahara Munoz
Azahara Munoz

Cheyene Woods
Cheyene Woods, Tiger Woods' niece

KLexi Thompson
Lexi Thompson

Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie, Firey hair this year!

Paula Creamer
LPGA Tour favorite Paula Creamer

There are a LOT more LPGA photos in my flickr gallery.

And what day would be complete without photographs of the Venus transit. Our once in a lifetime chance to see Venus transit the sun. I tried to go up to the lake and catch it at sunset, but the clouds interfered. Still fun though, and I caught the transit at home on the patio as well.

Venus Transit
Venus transit seen through binoculars projected on my patio. Venus is the small dot on the bottom of the circular sun

Sunset 1
Raced up to the beach only to be defeated by clouds

Sunset 2
Nice sunset though

Charlotte Beach
September 6TH, 2012

This summer I took a walk around Charlotte pier and beach on what turned out to be quite the stormy day. Temps were high when the sun was out. I managed to drive up in the rain, walk around in the sun and clouds, and then leave right when a fierce storm approached. Got some great infrared and regular photographs. My plan was to return again later in the summer a do a ride down the river trail. Haven't done that yet. These photos were taken June 3rd.

Charlotte Pier
Walking along the Charlotte Pier

Coast Guard Station
Looking towards the East, and the Coast Guard Station

Beach in Infrared
View of the beach in infrared

The Drakes
The Drakes!

Charlotte Lighthouse
Charlotte Lighthouse

Towards the Lake
View back towards the lake in infrared

Patrick O'Rorke Bridge
Serious storm clouds approaching, and just enough sun for a great shot of the Patrick O'Rorke Bridge

Patrick O'Rorke Bridge IR
Enough sun for a great infraredshot of the bridge, one of my favorites!

I've got a full set of the photos I took on my flickr site in the Charlotte Photo gallery.

Summertime Fun
September 6TH, 2012

Finally getting back to posting a few picks on the ScaredyCat site. Its been a busy summer, with most of my photos going directly to flickr. But with a little time on my hands, I'll try and post a few here. So to start, I have a few photos I took around the yard this spring/summer. These were taken at the end of May. The cottonwoods were in full effect.

Blueberry Bushes and Lilacs
A lilac with 3 Bluberry Bushes - Bluecrop, Duke, and Berkley

Massive lupine that survived the winter and frosty spring

Patio, start of summer.
Patio before our plants filled it in the summer

A viola plant

Second round of lilacs

View towards the back of our house

Bird Days Again
June 4TH, 2012

When my parent's invited us over for dinner on Memorial Day, I knew it was time to bring the camera for some bird shots. I got a funny one of a male cardinal all kinda puffed up, and we were treated to some baby bunnies that were'nt that shy at all. My outdoor bird and wildlife photography can be seen in my outdoor gallery on flickr. Here's a few shots from Memorial Day here.

Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal resting on the bird feeder perch.

Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal scouting things out

Bunny Chowdown
Baby Bunny Chowdown Party!

Penn State Arboretum
June 4TH, 2012

After our visit to the air show we had some time to visit the Penn State Arboretum. Although only a small part of the massive grounds have been completed it was still fun to go see. If I know one thing about arboretum's its that they are great for Infrared Photography. Here's some photos from my visit there. There are more photos in my Infrared Imager Gallery on Flickr.

Walk along the Penn State Arboretum
The walk around the Penn State Arboretum

Sculptures in the Penn State Arboretum

Water Garden
Water plants at the Arboretum

Air Show in Washington
June 4TH, 2012

This summer my brother in law decided it was time to take my nephew Jeffrey to his first air show. The event he chose was the Joint Services Open House (JSOH 2012) at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington DC. The lineup was spectacular and the show was really great. The flight line was huuuge! Too much to see in one day really. I was impressed by the B-52 at the end of the runway. Even had a "Modernization Effort" display projecting usage through 2025. There were lots of neat aircraft on display and performing tricks. As always, the majority of my photos are available on my JSOH 2012 flickr page. Here's a few on scaredycat too!

MV22 Osprey hovers behind F22 Raptor
The MV22 Osprey hovers behind two F22 Raptor Fighter Jets

Golden Knights
A member of the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. This guy was making his 3,000th jump!

F22 Raptor
The F22 Raptor

F22 Raptor Pass
F22 Raptor high speed pass

Heritage Flight
The heritage flight

In addition to the neat photos, I took a couple of neat videos too. They are visible on my YouTube page.

F22 raptor Taxing - It was sooo quiet!

MV-22 Osprey - This guy blew our hats off!

Lilacs peak Early in 2012
June 3RD, 2012

Because of the freakishly warm spring this year (in Rochester, March was our warmest on record, and the average temperature was higher than the April average), this year the lilac festival peaked a whole week earlier than the festival (May 10-19). On a beautiful sunny Sunday I went to Highland Park to view the lilacs early, and then home for the Kentucky Derby.

The lilacs were pretty much in peak bloom. Even the lilacs in our yard were blooming. This year the Rochester area also saw a massive influx of Red Admiral butterflies. There were tons of them. I've never seen anything like it, they were flying everywhere like flies. Anyway, took lots of photos of the lilacs, and butterflies on lilacs. The majority of the lilac photos are in my lilac flickr gallery.

Beauty of Moscow
Beauty of Moscow lilac taken in our backyard.

Pink Lilacs
Pink lilacs at Highland Park.

Lilac Bush
Lilac bush at Highland Park.

Lilacs and Butterfly
A massive influx of Red Admirals made butterfly photography easy.

Lilacs and Red Admiral
Red Admiral on lilacs at Highland Park.

General Sheridan Lilac
Red Admiral on a white General Sheridan lilac.

After my walk through Highland Park, I went downtown to High Falls, and walked across the Pont de Rennes bridge to the baseball stadium and back. Here's a few photos from that walk. I have a lot more photos of the falls in infrared on my infrared flickr page.

Downtown Rochester
Downtown Rochester NY on a busy Saturday Afternoon in May.

High Falls IR
Infrared photo of the High Falls, taken with a modified Kodak V550.

Finger Lakes Snocross 2012
April 1ST, 2012

After being bumped 4 weeks due to unseasonably warm temperatures, the Finger Lakes Snocross event finally happened on February 24th. I was planning on going both days, but Saturday I had plans to go see the RIT hockey game, so I could only go to the snocross Friday. What a day it was! I left work at 4pm in a total downpour. By the time I arrived at the track, the sun was out. Then another downpour, followed by more sun, a rainbow, and finally, rain sleet, snow, and 40-50mph sustained winds topped off the night. It made photographing the event even trickier than last year. It was interesting this year, because the track was made entirely of manmade snow, surrounded by grass and dirt. By Saturday though, a blizzard swept through bringing freezing temperatures and significant accumulation. Here's some photos from the event, and as always, those that couldn't get enough, there is more in my snocross flickr gallery.

Snocross Panoramic

Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm, from the Finger lakes Parking Lot

Snocross with a rainbow?
Snocross with a rainbow?

The storm swept through
The rain storm sweeping through

After the storm
After the storm

Back to racing
Back to racing

TJ Gulla
One of the best shots of the night - TJ Gulla

RIT Hockey vs. Air Force
April 1ST, 2012

The RIT Tigers made it to the Atlantic Hockey Championships vs. the Air Force Falcons. The two teams were battling for who would get the right to lose to Boston College. Unfortunately for RIT, the Falcons played much better hockey. Unfortunately for the Flacons, they lost to Boston College Eagles in the next round of Division 1 Hockey. I really wanted to see the RIT Women's team play their championship game, but it was at the same time as the men's game downtown. I grabbed my camera and headed downtown, only to see the Tigers get shutout 4-0. It was a good game though, and to my surprise the lighting at the Blue Cross Arena was really good for photographs. Here's a few, more are in my RIT Hockey flickr gallery.

Defense in the Air Force Zone

Shane Madolora
RIT Goalie Shane Madolora

Jason Torf
Air Force Falcons goalie Jason Torf makes a kick save

Around the net
Around behind the RIT net

Early Spring or Summer
April 1ST, 2012

This year we got a treat of an early spring, or actually, an early summer, as temperatures reached into the 80's for a week in March. It caused our flowers to all bloom early. Unfortunately it may cause some issues because in the next couple weeks it was back to freezing weather and snow. We'll have to hope the plants all survive and have a good summer. Anyway, here's some spring pictures.

Crocus and bees
Crocus and bees

Yellow Crocus
Yellow crocus and bees

Ghost Orchids
Ghosty Orchids

Monkey Close ups
March 1ST, 2012

I finally got the Monkey cat to sit still long enough to get a few photos, so here they are.

Monkey Portrait
Monkey Portrait

Mighty Roar
Another Mighty Roar

Tigger Library Pose
Tigger in her Library Pose, or Senior Portrait?

Cat Close ups
January 21ST, 2012

A couple weeks ago I decided to buy my own "Nifty Fifty", Canon's 50mm f/1.8 lens that is highly regarded as one of the best values for its price. I had resisted purchasing this lens, as I didn't do a lot of portrait photography, but decided to give it a shot after seeing some nice landscape photos, and reading about how well it does in low light situations. My test subjects were our cats, and so far I am really excited about the potential of this lens. The details in optimal situations are just spectacular. Here's a few photos of Tigger and Monkey.

Tigger 1
Tracy aided in getting her to hold still and look somewhat towards me

Tigger Chirpin
Tigger doing her chirping, click the photo for a larger version, and click here for full size - Awesome Detail!

100% Detail
This is a non-zoomed just 100% cropped version of the photos with this lens. The details are amazing.

Monkey Cleaning
Here's a photo I captured of Monkey Cleaning with her baby tongue.

Its definitely going to take some time to get good with this lens, but the good news is that electrons are free, so I will be clicking away. I will be posting more photos of the cats soon in my flickr cat gallery.

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