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Kodak EasyShare CX4200 Conversion to an Infrared Only Digicam
January 24TH, 2010

In my quest to modify digital cameras, I am always looking at different models to try and modify. On this page you will see my attempts to modify one of the Kodak EasyShare cameras. The camera is the CX4200. My first impressions were that it felt pretty cheaply made. That's good for IR modification though, because cheaper cameras are less complex. This modification ultimately failed. The original photos I took using the camera were fine, but after the modification, the images taken had a grid like appearance to them. There must have been something more in the hot mirror than was in my replacement filter.

To start with, here's a few shots of the outside of the camera.

CX4200 Front
CX4200 Back

Camera Front

Camera Back
CX4200 Bottom
CX4200 Top
Camera Bottom
Camera Top

Step 1:

Opened Up

The CX4200 was pretty easy to take apart. There are 6 external screws. 3 are on the bottom. There are 2 on the left side of the camera, and there is one on the right side of the camera (the side with the battery door.

The case separates all around the camera, with the silver side being one piece, and the dark gray part being the other half.

Step 2:

Secret Screw

To get to the back of the camera, with the circuit boards and electronics, there is one more hidden screw to remove. The last screw is inside the memory card door. After removing this screw you will be able to get to the LCD and circuit board.

Location of the last screw.

Hidden Screw

Screw Removed Camera with the last screw removed.

Step 3:

To get to the hot mirror, you will need to remove the lens assembly. There 3 are big black screws on the back circuit board. two are easy to find. One actually holds the LCD screen onto the camera.

Remove the LCD screw and lift it up to find the hidden screw.

Remove this screw to get the lens assembly off and expose the hot mirror.

Secret Screw 2

Step 4:

Hot Mirror Exposed

Here is a photo of the camera with the hot mirror exposed. The mirror and sensor assembly slide up into the lens assembly. I removed the hot mirror, and replaced it with my visible light blocking filter.

Here is a photo with my filter on the camera, ready to reassemble.

Replaced Filter

Sample Photos:

Unfortunately, after I reassembled the camera, the photographs I got out looked terrible. I ended up removing my filter to see what the problem was. I don't know what the issue is, but the hot mirror must have been a specialized material, because all my photographs now display an odd grid pattern. Here is an example. Click for a large image and better view of the grid.

CX4200 Grid

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