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This page contains various applications, designs, wallpapers, and anything else that I think someone may have an interest in using.

Benchmarking Download: HTML to PALM
December 29TH, 2007

The benchmarking Data Sheets provided by the NGS are very detailed and contain a vast amount of information. Printing out these sheets of r abenchmarking excursion can be quite time consuming and wasteful of paper. I have moved to paperless geocaching and benchmarking. I created a PHP script that takes a standard NGS Datasheet, or several sheets and converts them to a condensed format that can be viewed on the palm (apprx 30 char width).

Here is a typical NGS Datasheet. The PERL program I wrote converts it to a smaller text file which is easier to read on a Palm (I own a Palm m500).

Download the PERL Script here:

To use the software simply execute the file from a DOS cmd prompt. You will be asked how many datasheets to include in an output file (default is 10). Then the program will execute and create smaller text files suitable for your palm.

ULead DVD Movie Factory Templates Downloads
August 19TH, 2007

These are a collection of Ulead DVD Movie Factory Templates you can download and use for free. All were created by using free wallpapers and converting them in DVD Movie Factory to different styled DVD Menu Templates. I hope you enjoy them. There are 17 to choose from for now. The majority of these templates feature Hello Kitty and Friends Characters. This site, and these templates are not endorsed by Hello Kitty.

Anyway, Download the file here:

And here are some screen captures of what they look like:


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