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March 8TH, 2007

This page consists of links to various films created by the staff here at Scaredy Cat Films. The films may consist of Live Action Movies, Animated Clips, Stop Motion Animation, and Flash Animation (if we ever get to that...). Enjoy. As the number of films created grows, we may break this page up into more pages better fitting each genre.

Godzilla Short Movie
Created September 12TH, 2006

Description: This is a more detailed Godzilla short film I have been working on. I tried to add in aspects of Anime with some of the cut scenes and rocket attacks. Still working on it. Just giving you a glimse of what I am trying to do.

The Bottle Cap
Created July 10TH, 2006

The Bottlecap Video
Created: 07-10-2006

File Size: 5.05 MB MPEG

Description: While playing poker with Fla-Vor-Ice, Mike flips a bottlecap and hits the camera.


Mentos and Diet Coke
Created June 20TH, 2006

Created: 06-20-2006

File Size: 21.58 MB MPEG

Description: What happens when you mix Mentos, Sweet Tarts, and Diet Coke.




Tripping Monkey
Created January 1ST, 2006

Description: Our cat named "Monkey" has a pretty trippy experience and visits with some furry friends and neighbors.

Godzilla: Destroy Everything - Introduction
Created October 15TH, 2005

Description: What I was working on here was a comic book style intro to a Godzilla movie. I never really completed it because I started working on a different short film. Hope to get back and complete it some day.

Harvey Birdman Spot
Created February 15TH, 2005

Description: This is a short 30 second clip of an ad I created for the Harvey Birdman DVD Set. It was part of a contest sponsored by Adult Swim.


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