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March 8TH, 2007

Images MainThis page contains various images generated by the staff here at Scaredy Cat Films.

The majority of the pictures have been created or touched up in Adobe Photoshop. Some are just stand-alone pictures, others are wallpapers.

Take a look around, and enjoy.


Fun With Photoshop
November 11TH, 2007

Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic tool for touching up photos, but in skilled hands it can also be used to make major changes to photographs. I hope to post a collection soon of some of the images I have successfully photoshopped. Here's a start.


Alcatraz Original Alcatraz Photoshop
Image of Alcatraz in the bay at San Francisco. The crane and lamp post have been removed.

Golf Team Photo:

Golf Team Photo Golf Photoshopped
Golf Outting Team Photo. Those unsightly power lines are now removed.

More Photoshop Fun, Coming Soon!

Kitty Cat Action Cards
November 11TH, 2007

Back when I had lots of spare time, I created some action cards for our cats, and my sisters cat as well. They are meant to be like pokemon trading cards. Here are the three that I made up.

MonkanomonTigger LynxCosmo Miles

Monkey's Digital Playground
November 11TH, 2007

Back before I created, there was a different web site, Monkey's Digital Playground. With that site I hoped to post images, have a blog type page, and in general, do everything I am doing with this page. This is the banned I created for that web site. As you may know already from this web site, 'Monkey' is one of our two cats.

MOnkey's Digital Playground

Pariah Video Game Wallpapers
November 11TH, 2007

These are wallpapers that I created back when a video game called "Pariah" was coming out. There was a fan site called "100 Days Of Pariah" that was having contests in anticipation of the game coming out. It was a highly anticipated game, but upon release it did not quite live up to expectations. The first two wallpapers where themed "100 Days Of Pariah" because the release was in 100 Days. The next two were from a contest with the theme "Think Differently" or something like that. My favorite is the underwater and Sim City themed wallpapers.

100 Days Of Pariah 100 Days Of PariahThe DeepSim City

Political Commentary
November 11TH, 2007

These are images I created around the 2004 election that unfortunately saw George Bush re-elected. I have been against George Bush and his administration and voted against him in both elections. So far, since being re-elected in 2004 have things gotten any better? Soldiers are still dying, the price of oil and gas is still rising, the value of the dollar has plumetted, and I think our over-all quality of life is declining.

I used old propaganda posters as my influence for the first of these images. My frustration with Bush's proposal to return to the moon (which has no economic or exploratory value), instead of investing NASA's money in more valuable pursuits was the inspiration for the second image. An old "WANTED" poster is the inspiration for the last image.

A Vote For Bush Is A Vote For War! M-O-O-N, That Spells Moon WANTED!

Indy Racing League Wallpapers
March 8TH, 2007

These are wallpapers that I generated using pictures I took from an IRL test session at Watkins Glen Internation Race Track in 2005. The first two are of Danica Patrick, the last one is Tony Kanaan.

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