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Spring in March this Year
May 5TH, 2013

In Rochester you never know when Spring will arrive, this year it actually did arrive in March, with crocuses blooming the second week of March, and lots of bulbs comming up by Easter, March 31st.

Crocus Flowers
Crocuses Blooming March 10, 2013

Mini Iris Patch
Mini Iris Patch

Bees Loving the Crocuses
Bees and the Crocuses

Blue Mini Iris
Blue Mini Iris

February Snow Storm
May 5TH, 2013

The "fun" wasn't trying to get down to Florida, but back from Florida, when a giant snow storm crippled the east coast. I was able to get home but mom and dad had to stay in Florida one extra day. The difference? My flight left an hour and a half later than theirs. When we did make it back to Rochester we were greeted with over a foot of heavy wet snow that remained in the trees for a few days after. It made for fun photography, and quite a change from the 80 degree weather of key largo.

Snowy Tree
Snowy Trees in the Backyard

Snowy backyard
Backyard View

Deer Eating Snow
Deer Eating The Snow

Snowy Deer
Deer in the Snow

Snow Deer
Deer in the Snow

Florida 2013 - Key Largo
March 10TH, 2013

First post of 2013, it's been a busy month. The first week of February my mom, dad, and I traveled to Key largo for vacation. We stayed at the Key Lime sailing club, which had a ton of fun stuff for us to do out on the bay, yes, including sailing. We went snorkeling twice which was awesome both times. We also went to the Florida Everglades where we saw tons of neat birds and alligators. It was a really great trip. There are a ton of pictures in my flickr gallery, and here are but a few of them.

Blue Heron
Blue Heron in a tree, Florida Everglades

Florida Gator
Alligators? Yeah, we saw those, Florida Everglades.

Egret and Fish
Great Egret with a catfish

Green Heron
Green Heron, there's a lot of Heron species in the Everglades

Sunset at Key Lime Sailing Club, Key largo, FL

The pelican dance.

Purple Gallinule, lucky to get this one chance to shoot this bird as it ran across the water in front of us.

As always, more photos are available on my flickr page.

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