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June 8TH, 2007

This page is dedicated to displaying galleries of photographs we have taken. There is a separate gallery for panoramic photos, and another web page which will lead to galleries of other themed photographs. The galleries are accesible from the menu to the right, or directly from this page.

The Panoramic Gallery contains images generated by stitching together a sequence of individual digital images. We use the canon utility Photostitch to accomplish this. It came on a CD with our digital cameras. The following photo is comprised of four pictures. It was taken in the morning on my way to Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California. The fog had not been burned off from the morning sun yet.

Big Basin Red Woods

Link to the Panoramic Gallery.

The Portfolio Page was meant to be a gallery of my favorite images, instead it has turned into a launching point for web pages with galleries of images from various places we have gone. A photograph of a Lightning Storm viewed from our house in May 2007, and a photograph of one of our two cats. This one is named Tigger, and she enjoys sleeping in the sun.

Lightning Storm                     Tigger

Link to the Portfolio Gallery Page.

The Digital Images page was meant to be a page with a variety of photos, kind of what the Portfolio Page turned into. So now it sits sort of incomplete, but it does have links to my Kodak Implosion images, so that is cool!

Link to the Digital Images Page - may be obsolete soon...

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